Emerging from the noise comes the amiable voice of Trevor Lyon. Creating his own robust blend of Reggae infused with elements of Rock, Blues, Hip Hop and Jazz, Trevor Lyon is who he is today because of the road he has traveled. Lots of stories and life along the way, each story is a song, and every song tells a story...One Little Story


Influenced by his father, Trevor played guitar casually as a youth. In High School he taught himself how to play bass and as he came of age he dove deep into the music.  Developing his own style was seamless and simple like a perfectly placed note of a subtle bass line that coerces your torso to wind in the pocket. Playing bass and performing in bands ranging from rock to reggae to fusion and jazz, Trevor learned his craft and honed his skills, all the while getting more and more comfortable as a performer. Time passed...Life lived and spiritual growth created the need to express more than just rhythm and melody and so birthed the lyricist from within. Trevor embarked on his solo career in 2011 with his debut LP First Degree and a tour. This exposure opened the doors for numerous collaborations and musical friendships over the years. Now with more recordings, features, production credits and countless shows under his belt (Some highlights include BottleRock Napa Valley [twice], Mandalay Bay Las Vegas, Reggae on the River, Sierra Nevada Fest, Shrine NYC, YouBloomLA, Napa Opera House, and The Boston Freedom Rally), Trevor is still at it and continues to expand and develop his sound as a musician, vocalist, songwriter, performer and producer. 2017 saw the release of a Hip Hop/Reggae LP titled Love Don't Care in which he worked with legendary platinum producer K-Lou. 2018 saw Trevor start his own music production company "One Little Story Music", and his self produced reggae album titled One Little Story dropped August 3rd, 2018 . He has also just released  a christmas album of all original material that dropped on Black Friday 2018. Trevor is a long time collaborator with Mendo Dope, and bassist and musical director for the Mendo Dope Band.  They recently finished "Live In The Garden Season 3 which was literally recorded in a cannabis garden".